In the Community

Drumming is a therapeutic, powerful and expressive art form accessible to all and we are passionate about bringing our workshops to all areas of the community.

Creating and playing music is a great way to bring together people of different cultural heritage and ages, and drumming in particular aligns the body and mind, providing a powerful release of emotions.

We can tailor workshops to suit the needs and interests of individual groups of any size, our passion is not only teaching rhythms but encouraging people to celebrate and showcase the talents they already possess. The activities can encourage a valuable means of expression for those who find verbal communication difficult.

Having an excellent with wonderful people at Branches Day Centre, Leigh Sinton.

A particular highlight of 2018 was collaborating with the amazing Leeds-based charity YAMSEN (Yorkshire Association of Music Special Education Needs) and sharing the delight of participants as we explored music from around the world.

Jamming with the Branches band!