More about Tim and Greg

As the percussion section behind Afro-Soul heavyweights ‘Necktr’, Tim Cook and Greg Burns have been making music together constantly for over 3 years. First meeting at a Leeds College of Music jam session, the two instantly bonded over a shared love for rhythm and groove; a connection that has blossomed ever since.

Recently releasing their first EP with Necktr, both Tim and Greg play with many up and coming projects, gigging and recording constantly. Expression and improvisation run through everything they do, and their passion for the music only grows with time.

Looking for ways to share this passion with others led the pair to create Resonate Drum Workshops, capturing the energy they feel in music and sharing it with others. Check out their profiles below:

Tim Cook

Tim has been a passionate percussionist with great excitement and love for world music since his early years, finding drumming to be his best voice of expression at age 4. Witnessing the powerful Jamaican Sound Systems playing roots reggae and dub in the local park, and feeling the powerful rhythmic vibrations from local Bhangra Dhol Drumming groups at school in Handsworth, Tim has long been inspired by world rhythms.

Tim’s original project – ‘TC and the Groove Family’ with ‘Temple’

Around the same time, Tim also participated in community-based spiritual drumming group Psalm Drummers, who provided him with the opportunity to play in an ensemble for the first time. The rest of his childhood was full of music, playing in steel pan groups, brass bands and forming original projects with peers.

Now a first class graduate of Leeds College of Music, Tim plays in established original bands like Necktr, Jermaine and the Blue Flames and his own band – TC and the Groove Family. He is determined to give back to the musical community, by providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to express themselves with him.

Greg Burns

Discovering drumming from an early age, Greg started out as a classical percussionist, training at Birmingham Junior Conservatoire while studying at school. He found his real love however, in the freedom of improvised music in Jazz, the irresistible grooves of Hip-Hop and the wild dance rhythms of world music such as Afrobeat and Latin music.

Since graduating Leeds College of Music’s Jazz course with a First Class Degree, Greg enjoys playing with a vast range of artists. His creative energy is channelled through Necktr, but he also thrives through playing for artists such as up-and-coming electronic artist SFVEN, rappers Lausse the Cat and Young Wizard, and singers like B-ahwe and Barratt, among many other groups.

Taking a particular interest in the Jazz/Hip-Hop/Pop music cross overs, he studies groove and musical relationships thoroughly, making them a big factor in the structuring of the Resonate workshops – aiming to pass on the inexplicable feeling of playing in ensembles together with other musicians.